Monthly Archives: September 2021

NFT AI created, gained $70 Million in 2 hours

Although the sale of the cryptocollection “Lost Poets” Artificial Intelligence created was supposed to last 48 hours, all the NFTs were sold in just 2 hours earning around $ 70 million. One can claim a Poet NFT for each page they earn, so that each page is a ticket for a Poet.

Mr. Sciupp interview

We are talking about “the AI gang”, who have completely revolutionized the traditional way of making art. They combined artificial intelligence and art, and the result are really impressing. When we saw their instagram page our jaw literally dropped to the ground.

AI in Art Creation

With the emergence of AI, it becomes easier for artists to express themselves without having to go through the process of creating an artwork. This can be seen as either a positive or negative thing, depending on how it is used. The role of AI in art creation and the relationship between the artist and AI are still evolving.

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