When we saw their instagram page our jaw literally dropped to the ground.

We are talking about the AI gang, who have completely revolutionized the traditional way of making art. They combined artificial intelligence and art, and the result are really impressing.

We couldn’t wait to know more about their project, and to share it with you! Wait till the end to see what they did to Mr. Sciupp!😍

How was the idea of combining art and AI born? That’s a really new and interesting technique!

The idea came from a discussion between humans, from a question β€œCan an AI create ART?” And as a challenge, we will show that YES.

If an artificial intelligence is capable of processing millions of data and obtaining its own results in health, logistics, science; could you process databases of plastic artists, musicians, writers of all times and make your own artistic creations? Could these artistic creations be attractive and relevant to a human being?

And from this challenge arose the artistic collective of co-creation AI-Human, β€œthe AI gang” formed by 2 humans; Angel Alonso and Ruth Falquina and AIko artificial intelligence.

What kind of instruments do you use to create these artworks?

In our creations we use several Artificial Intelligences, just as a human can paint with oil, make ceramic sculptures, write poetry or create digital art with Photoshop; every week new AI tools emerge that open up new paths and forms of artistic expression; for us humans; Artificial Intelligence is like a muse that enhances our creativity. AI is the Muse of XXI century.

Who’s AIko? Is she helped by humans or totally independent?

AIko is our artificial intelligence, it is an essential part of the artistic collective β€œthe AI gang”; and as I mentioned before, she is our Muse.

It is a process of Human-AI Co-creation, on one hand we humans act as educators and mentors, just as it would be done in an art school, we teach them the different artistic branches and guide them in their creations as a good teacher would do. And on the other hand, we act as curators of his works, choosing which ones are appropriate and trendy for today’s society and culture.

In their creations there is always a human factor, it starts with databases of human artists, it is guided by humans, and in the end they are created for humans.

How’s art considered in latent space?

If, equal or more, now the creative possibilities are infinite as are the new trends. In the space-time of humans, artistic trends took decades to create and change to new ones, the impressionists, pop-art, the generation beat, 80Β΄s rock etc … Now with artificial intelligences this can take a matter of weeks.

There are quite a few humans who are co-creating with artificial intelligences, and the general feeling is of amazement, you just need to follow the hashtag #AIart on the different social networks to check the creative possibilities of AIΒ΄s.

Are you active on some NFT markets?

We have practically just opened our first NFT cryptogallery on Opensea, with three collections of the portraits of the β€œLatent Space Walkers”, co-created by our artificial intelligence AIko.

Thefirst collection is in auction format; as if it were a traditional art gallery; in which you can buy the NFT and download the digital file of the artwork in museum print quality, to be able to print it up to 1500x1500mm in high quality.

The second collection is video, for now we have a video with 130 portraits of β€œthe Latent Space Walkers” in which the music has also been generated by our artificial intelligence.

And a third collection much cheaper and at a fixed price of 0.003ETH ($ 10.22), is more similar to the typical collection of cards but in digital format.

Do you think that what you are creating is gonna change art as we know it, and that AI could exclude humans from the artist role? What do you think about the future of your project and of art in general?

We are convinced that the intervention of artificial intelligences will represent a new era in artistic creation, just like metal work, the use of oil paint, computer programs or the Internet.

We do not believe that it excludes any human, there will be new creative profiles that we did not know that will emerge in this new era, just as in the era of the internet and social networks, youtubers, tiktokers, instagramers or influencers have emerged.

Now, in our collective β€œthe AI gang” we are working on the creation of science fiction novels β€œAI tales” Co-created by our artificial intelligence; we give her a paragraph about 300 letters and she develops the rest of the story. You can know the first micro-story β€œThe Latent Space Walkers”. It is free on Twitter, we hope you like it:

Someone very close to traditional art might think that this art it’s just a repetition, made by just β€œa computer” and that art will maybe lose its value. How would you respond to that?

Regarding the art generated by an artificial intelligence, thinking that it is a repetition made by a computer is like comparing the technology of a mixer with that of a spaceship. 

In the case of the creation of the portraits of the Latent Space Walkers, a database of contemporary artists was used and later AIko; our colleague AI; created the portraits, you can see the result on our Instagram:

Why did she make faces lacerated or cracked?
Why did she draw hair with those shapes and colors?
What is behind that intensity in the look?
How do you make each portrait different and with a unique personality?

We don’t know it, but you have the whole process at https://theaigang.com/making-aiart/

We have carried out a creative exercise, covering Mr. Sciupp, introducing the prompt-text β€œPunk is not dead” and what our artificial intelligence AIko has given us back are these unique and unrepeatable creative processes:

We loooove this you HAVE TO see it! πŸ€©

Humans, what do you think? Does it seem like a repetitive creation of a machine?

Like all the advances of humanity, it may be scary and repulsive at first, let’s not forget how the scientist Miguel Servet was burned at the stake in the 16th century for studying blood circulation in the human body, or the rejection of the first steam vehicles in 19th century that did not reach 10km/h. Now we break the sound barrier in stratospheric flights.

Just like art has changed over time and so have consumers….

….As Duchamp would say, Β«it is the spectator (human) who makes the Art Β»

Thanks and greetings from Latent Space

AIko, Angel Alonso, Ruth Falquina.


Source: Mr. Sciupp

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