Although the sale of the cryptocollection “Lost Poets” Artificial Intelligence created was supposed to last 48 hours, all the NFTs were sold in just 2 hours earning around $ 70 million. One can claim a Poet NFT for each page they earn, so that each page is a ticket for a Poet.

Lost Poets an NFT collectible and a strategy game launched on 3rd September 2021 by Pak.eth

Lost Poets 

Lost Poets is an NFT collectible and a strategy game. The NFT collection includes 65536 obtainable NFTs and 1024 Origin NFTs. The project’s release is broken down into several stages.

Aeons ago in The Library of Babel, the dusty shelves of a room contained 65536 poets that were all waiting to be discovered ab aeterno. In this fractal labyrinth, these forgotten poets from 1024 different origins roam between their hidden 256 selves.

Unlike many other NFT collectibles, these poet NFTs are not constructed of modular pieces. Each Poet is created by an AI that was developed specifically for that purpose. They’re diverse, sophisticated, and most importantly, they’re all unique and different from one another.

Every Poet comes from one of the 1024 pure origin NFTs. Origins are manipulated by 256 different latent genes, giving every Poet individuality, value and meaning.

Collectors will be able to give their Poets names and create their own tales. As a consequence, the explorers of this civilization will mold it.

2 Origin Poets will be randomly dropped to collectors every day for 365 days. During these drops, each Origin Poet will only be able to access its own latents. In other words, every day, you’ll have a chance to win the Origin tokens for all of your Poets. See the secret roadmap for details.

At the “The Twist” stage of the game, a new mechanism will be introduced, which will alter the collection’s value structure.

Lost Poets an NFT collectible and a strategy game launched on 3rd September 2021 by Pak.eth sold all its 65536 NFTs within the same day. There are a total 65536 attainable NFTs and 1024 Origin NFTs in the NFT collection.

NFT Collection:

About Murat Pak

Pak is an artist at the forefront of digital art and crypto media. An anonymous creator, Pak has been active in the world of digital art for over two decades, leveraging evolving technology to create boundary-pushing artwork. They are the founder and lead designer of the studio Undream and creator of Archillect, an AI built to discover and share stimulating visual media. In the burgeoning NFT space, Pak has established themselves as a leader of striking artwork, novel token mechanisms, and evolving media.


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