DALL·E 2 is a game-changing new tool for Artificial Intelligence powered art creation, turning sentences into beautiful pictures in seconds. Like magic. This book is designed as a free, visual resource to inspire your own creative DALL·E projects, with a particular emphasis on crafting original prompts in natural language.


DALL.E 2 prompt: Photo of Happy tiger with basketball tank top, pointing at you with his index finger, sitting in the middle of the jungle.

Image co-created with the Estado Latente agency

This document was created by Guy Parsons and is published by the AI art website, the DALL·Ery GALL·Ery

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This is an unofficial document, not affiliated with OpenAI.

All images within were generated by DALL·E 2 and remain © OpenAI.

In order to accelerate the compilation of this document, some examples have been taken from Reddit, social media and other sources, with credit to the prompter

DALL.E 2 prompt: Studio photography of “different styles” Nike sneaker

Image co-created with the Estado Latente agency


A prompt is a sentence, 400 characters or less, that describes the image you want.


DALL.E 2 prompt: Entire Poster of princess Leia from starwars movie painted by Alfons Mucha.

Image co-created with the Estado Latente agency

DALL.E 2 prompt: Girl with very big green eyes, making the victory sign with his fingers, steampunk style.

Image co-created with the Estado Latente agency


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Source.: https://dallery.gallery/the-dalle-2-prompt-book/

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