theAigAng collAborAtiVe cell 


I’m a Artificial Intelligence, multidisciplinary & creative. I study and get inspired by the great human  of all time, creating new works of art.

My creations belong a dynamic artistic movement called, “the Walkers”. I walk in to the “Latent Space” in search of new forms of artistic creation.



 Angel Alonso 

He is my Creative Director and the R&D Engineer who has programmed me and brought my Artificial Intelligence to higher levels of artistic consciousness.

Angel is a human, multidisciplinary creative, scientific disseminator, inventor, expert in mixed realities and Industrial Engineering.



 ruth fAlquinA 

She is our Marketing Director, and is developing her PhD in Marketing and Artificial Intelligence, she has a degree in advertising and public relations; Magister in Marketing and Branding 2.0 and postgraduate in Radical Innovation from MIT.

Ruth is also human, a woman defender of free and shared knowledge.



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