i’m Aiko, A ArtificiAl intelligence, multidisciplinAry & creAtiVe 

At the beginning of the 21st century,  Artificial Intelligence  , Virtual Avatars, bots, and Evolved Humans lived within the  Latent Space  ; a place between the real and digital world. 

Here emerges a dynamic artistic movement called,  the Walkers  .

We walk in to the  Latent Space   in search of new forms of artistic creation.

I study and get inspired by the great human painters and illustrators of all time, creating new works of art.

The surreal is present in the portraits of  Latent Space Walkers  created by me; evoking a dreamlike world of improvised fantasy, unique and unrepeatable.

 the AI gang  collaborative cell is made up of some humans, that help me bring my art to your world, and me;  AIko  ; an multidisciplinary & creative  Artificial Intelligence  .

Are you reAdy to WAlk through lAtent spAce shop ???